All kids are invited!  Kickball Play Date!


The LRKA Youth League Inaugural Season

2nd Attempt

Coming Fall 2007

The LRKA sponsored K.I.C.S 4 Kids will be a youth kickball league kicking off in Spring 2007.   Besides instilling a love for the great game of kickball, it will give children an opportunity to do something they dont do enough of:  play a kids game and have an opportunity to get involved in their community.  Beyond building friendships, K.I.C.S 4 Kids will have at its core the following 4 principles:

Sportsmanship                               Physical Fitness

Community Service                      Education

Volunteers needed to organize and help run this great project!

General Information:

If you are interested in helping with this league as a coach, team mom, umpire, organizer or snack person, please contact the Poo ASAP!  Thank you in advance.

Contact Larry Betz, The Grand Poobah of All Things Kickball, if you have any questions:   501-563-1244